Our Happy Programs

We offer classes to all-level students.

All classes are delivered through Skype. They are structured and follow The Happy Learning program.
All skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing- will be practiced to achieve the highest proficiency.
Each unit of work includes listening, reading and speaking tasks, as well as vocabulary and grammar lessons and exercises.

-          Beginner

Learn to communicate in simple sentences in French. You will learn present, future & past tenses as well as all useful vocabulary in your immediate environment. Work on simple songs & practice with interactive websites.

-          Intermediate

Learn to communicate with more detailed/advanced structures & more in-depth vocabulary. Master the main tenses & verbs. Work on songs & videos and practice with interactive websites.

-          Advanced

Advanced communication using all verbs, tenses and sophisticated structures. Work on articles, videos, songs & all the wonderful things the Internet has to offer.

-          Conversation

For highly advanced students who need to perfect their speaking skills. Includes revision of grammar and/or vocabulary if need be. Discuss articles, videos, songs & all the wonderful things the Internet has to offer.

Other Happy Services

-         Higher School Certificate preparation

(Specific to NSW, Australia) One of Happy French Teacher's specialties for both the oral & written examinations.

-          Translation

From English to French & French to English.

-          Corrections:

Essays, books, anything that needs to be corrected in French.

-          Special tutoring

Help with students’ specific needs.


I have been taking lessons with Happy French Teacher for the past 4 years and I have really enjoyed learning French with her. She is very positive and keeps the lessons fun and engaging. The one-on-one lesson format is the best way to learn quickly and it is great to not have to go anywhere since the lessons are on Skype! I tried a couple other schools in San Diego that offer group lessons and did not learn much as it is hard to make much progress with a big group once a week. I highly recommend Happy French Teacher if you’re seeking private French lessons!
— Sarah Sebe, San Diego

Bonjour! When our previous French teacher left at the end of year 11, we were all in a panic about who would take us through our year 12 HSC! Then Mona Amyra turned up and we knew instantly that we were in safe hands. We loved French with her so much that half the class took Extension 1 level - we learned quickly and efficiently, but we also had a wonderfully well-rounded experience and were truly immersed in French culture, from cooking crepes to listening to French rap! We adored Mona Amyra and all came out of year 12 not only with Band 5 and Band 6 results in the HSC, but also with the skills to travel and live comfortably in French speaking countries! Tant de bons souvenirs!

— Erin Maxwell, Australia