Our Happy French Programs

We offer online French classes to all-level students.

All our French classes are delivered through Skype. They are structured and follow The Happy Learning program.
All skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing- will be practiced to achieve the highest proficiency.
Each unit of work includes listening, reading and speaking tasks, as well as vocabulary and grammar lessons and exercises.

-          Beginner French Course

Learn to communicate in simple sentences in French. You will learn present, future & past tenses as well as all useful vocabulary in your immediate environment. Work on simple songs & practice with interactive websites.

-          Intermediate French Course

Learn to communicate with more detailed/advanced structures & more in-depth vocabulary. Master the main tenses & verbs. Work on songs & videos and practice with interactive websites.

-          Advanced French Course

Advanced communication using all verbs, tenses and sophisticated structures. Work on articles, videos, songs & all the wonderful things the Internet has to offer.

-          French Conversation Classes

For highly advanced students who need to perfect their speaking skills. Includes revision of grammar and/or vocabulary if need be. Discuss articles, videos, songs & all the wonderful things the Internet has to offer.

I first started learning with The Happy French Teacher in 2006. What a gift it was to have someone so knowledgeable and passionate who then, on top of that, turned out to be an excellent pedagogue. Finding all three in one friendly and patient person is so rare and I will be forever grateful for her lasting influence in my life. I went on to major in French at University, study in France, attain a Bachelor, and am now fluent and teaching French to my own students.

I still have online lessons with The Happy French Teacher, because one simply can’t replace the expertise of a native speaker who has education qualifications. I enjoyed working with Mona so much that I went on to have lessons with Frederique, Laurie, Mariam and other Happy Teachers to complement my ongoing tuition with her. This was an excellent supplement to my learning, where I got to study multiple approaches to grammar and various vernacular and accent work. All my lessons with the Happy French Teachers complemented each other, consolidating the knowledge I already had with new and interesting techniques to memorise those hard to remember extra details that can be so tricky for a non native speaker.

The sheer convenience of being able to access this all without leaving my living room (in Australia) AND being allowed to choose my own workload makes this basically the perfect activity for me.

The Happy French Teacher is worth every cent and then some, if you want to speak French and finally get that accent down pat, you’re in the right place.
— Sarah Cherlin, Australia

Other Happy Services

-          French/ English Translation

From English to French & French to English.

-          French Corrections:

Essays, books, anything that needs to be corrected in French.

-          Special French tutoring

Help with students’ specific needs.