30-minute lessons

We recommend 30-minute lessons if you are very busy ( maybe lunch break?) or if you know French well and are looking for some practice.


5 lessons: $44 per lesson


10 lessons: $37 per lesson



20 lessons: $35 per lesson


45-minute lessons

45-minute lessons are the perfect format for busy people who want to learn or practice at a slower pace.


5 lessons: $52 per lesson


10 lessons: $44 per lesson


20 lessons: $42 per lesson


60-minute lessons

These lessons, taken twice or three times a week are the best way to ensure that a student learns fast and consolidates his or her knowledge, therefore boosting confidence. The results are amazing within weeks! Highly recommended!


5 lessons: $62 per lesson



10 lessons: $53 per lesson


20 lessons: $50 per lesson

The best kept secret in San Diego...The Happy French Teacher is by far the best French teacher around, she gave me the tools to communicate in French in fun and convenient lessons online that I was able to fit in around my busy work schedule.

Every lesson was completely tailored to me and lessons were adapted to best fit my learning style.

Lessons are usually completely immersive but the Happy French Teacher is also a native English speaker, so if you really get stuck, you can sneak in a question in English.

I would highly recommend the Happy French Teacher!
— Brendan Clowry, San Diego