About us

We specialize in private online French classes. All our classes are delivered through Skype.

Our aim is to make learning French convenient, fast, fun and hassle-free as you can choose to have your lessons wherever you are, whenever you want: all you need is a computer where Skype is installed and of course, the Internet!

Our mission at Happy French Teacher is to teach students how to communicate in French with confidence through individualized one-on-one private French Skype lessons with a patient, fun and native speaking teacher.

Anyone can learn a foreign language! Our private French lessons allow the teacher to individualize the lesson to meet a person's particular needs and special abilities. Happy French Teachers provide private French classes for students of all levels.

At Happy French Teacher, we believe in private French lessons and a method where students practice all skills: reading, writing and listening with an emphasis on speaking in order to quickly learn how to communicate in French in any given situation. Our patient Happy Teachers use a method that delivers results in months, not years!

Book a Skype lesson and you will never go back to traditional learning!

Meet the founder


Mona is a French native speaker, bilingual in English. She speaks fluently several other languages and knows exactly what it means to learn a new language: how hard and frustrating it can sometimes get, how exciting and rewarding it feels when you start speaking.

Mona is also a highly qualified teacher with a Master's Degree in Education and she is specialized in teaching French to non-native speakers.

After more than fifteen years of experience in the field, Mona grew tired of all the teaching methods she had tried that “always lacked something”. So, she decided to create her own program, a simple, step-by-step method, which focuses on speaking French straight away, and boosting every student’s confidence. She combined her bubbly personality with her love for teaching and her love for traveling and boom!   Happy French Teacher, her dream company, was born- online French lessons so that students can learn French wherever they are, whenever they want; and teachers can teach French wherever they are, whenever they want.  

Happy French Teacher now has students (and teachers!) in America, Australia, France, Mexico, Thailand, Egypt, Morocco and many more countries.

Mona is very passionate about her dream. She knows what it takes to be a great Happy Teacher and she handpicks every single one of them.

Mona is by far the most amazing teacher I’ve had, in any subject, at any point in my education. She has such a passion for what she teaches, and her enthusiasm is absolutely infectious. After having never spoken French before high school, through Mona’s teaching I was able to take a five-week exchange in a French lycée and communicate fluently with the native French students. In fact, I was even mistaken for a native French speaker at several points (including a drama class), all thanks to her! Some of the most memorable experiences of my life have been because I studied French with Mona, and I cannot recommend taking her classes highly enough - they are fun, supportive, and above all life-enriching. Un grand merci, Madame!
— Dean Southwood, Australia