Online French Lessons in Washington, DC

Whether it’s the many activities organized by the French Embassy, the French film festivals at the Avalon Theatre, the rare editions of Jules Verne’s works at the Library of Congress or the French concerts at Opera Lafayette, there are so many ways to enjoy the French culture in America’s beautiful capital.

Learning French is not only fun, but also useful, given the numerous jobs that require the French language in the Federal City.

So why not book a private online French class with Happy French Teacher? All Happy French Teachers are native speakers and the online French lessons are tailored to each student’s specific needs to ensure maximum retention and fast progress.

Classes are delivered online, so you don’t need to go anywhere or worry about traffic and the scheduling is very flexible to accommodate students’ busy lives. It’s simply the best way to learn French!

I cannot recommend Happy French Teacher highly enough. I’ve been taking lessons for four years now and I am never stopping! I tried many different services, including the Alliance Française but I found that I never really learned anything. Now, I can speak French, and when I travel to France, people understand me!
I love the flexibility, the convenience and the structure. Classes are engaging and you are forced to use French from the beginning, which is awesome! Love, love my classes!
— Jean, WDC